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Self Titled - 2018

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Saving Country Music: If there was ever a personification of the ladies canonized in Hank Williams Jr.’s self-penned tune “Outlaw Women” from Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, it would be Darci Carlson. Read More...

Highway Queens: If you like your country music full of attitude and rebel yells then look no further than Seattle singer Darci Carlson. She’s an outlaw, in the true sense of the word: mad, bad and dangerous to know. Maybe some might think it’s an act but this self titled album proves she has enough authentic personality to burn down any room. These nine songs make for an enjoyable riot of a listen. Read More...

NW Music Scene: Undoubtedly one of the hardest working musicians in Seattle is outlaw country songstress and Ameripolitan Music’s 2017 Outlaw Female of The Year, Darci Carlson. The unapologetic rebellious blonde bombshell soars on her new self-titled album to be released uncoincidentally on 4/20 of 2018. Read More...

Release Me - 2014


Saving Country Music: 

Totally unfair Darci Carlson—girls this hot aren’t supposed to be this talented, or be off into throwback country that only the lost souls and forgotten rejects of society still listen to. And none of this should be emanating from the Pacific Northwest. You know, because what the hell do they know about country music up there?…Apparently, they know more than many of the cretins on Music Row. Read More...

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